Soham Siddhatatvam Journey Soham Siddhatatvam Journey
Soham Siddhatatvam Story Soham Siddhatatvam Story

We pledge to provide you the best!

At Soham Sidhhatatvam, we are honest towards the making and processing of all the products. We believe in the ancient roots and thus make use of the methods taught by our ancestors. The ingredients are authentically originated and true to it's kind. After processing all the products are tested and licensed. Our team is dedicated to the brand and it's values.

We are committed to our Mantra, ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः, (May all be happy, may all be healthy).

From our customers

Earlier I was hesitant to use ayurvedic products but then I saw the results my "dadi" got. I instantly bought one more for me. Now I am very much confident and I think everyone must start using ayurvedic products. Whether it's a hair oil or it's a medicine. Thank you Soham Sidhhatatvam

Mansi Rupanwar

Soham's products are good, especially AyurDIBET. My sugar was high and I couldn't find a medicine to help me control blood sugar levels. I saw the factual reports on Soham's Instagram and some feedbacks. Ever since I tried it, I feel relaxed and my sugar is in control now.

Sanjay Patil

Amazing product.. I am an athlete. I was fed up with all the therapies and pain relieving medicines. I was looking for something which won't have any side effects. I can feel the soothing nature of Ostocure by Soham. It works wonders! Try it out guys.. 

Rajendra Bhansali

Our motto..! “Bring back ancient Wisdom”

Converging the ancient wisdom with the modern insight, our vision is to embrace and inculcate the ayurvedic optimism in today’s lifestyle. Enabling each individual to seek shelter for their well-being under the soulful and healthful roof of SOHAM SIDDHATATVAM.

The difference of extraordinarily care

Crafting a range of authentic, cost effective and reliable Ayurvedic products; our mission is to reach and empower as many lives as we can with our cultural morals, bestowing the gift of holistic health to mankind today and always.

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