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Amlakand with Jaggery

Amlakand with Jaggery

Organic Moravala With Jaggery | Ayurvedic Murabba

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Bringing to you Soham’s Amlakand, a nutrient-packed Amla Murabba made from premium gooseberries and jaggery. Sun-cooked using the traditional AvlehaSidhhi process, our Moravala with Gud is a tasteful and healthful delight free from artificial additives, colors, and preservatives. Embrace this ancient Ayurvedic secret for modern well-being and feel connected to the cultural roots with Soham’s soulful healthcare.

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Health Benefits

Usage Instruction

The incredible health benefits of Amla Ayurveda (gooseberries) and Gud (jaggery) are no longer a secret to the world. However, these magical Ayurvedic treasures still lack the importance they deserve in human life.

Contemplating this, we crafted a thoughtful, tasteful, and healthful Moravala with Gud, Soham’s Amlakand with Jaggery.

This Ayurvedic Moravala or Amla Murabba is composed using a natural sweetener that is capable of bestowing numerous health benefits. Besides, relieving the Dosha, the hearty infusion of premium quality Amla and Gud also deliciously balances the Rasa(taste).

Formulated with the Avaleha Siddhi process, the Moravala is 100% organically pure and chemical-free with no artificial preservatives. It only contains healthful natural ingredients, in specified quantities infused with amla and sun-cooked properly with utmost care.

Recalling our cultural roots, let's reap the benefits of this soulful healthcare not forgetting to soothe the taste buds along!

  • Pacifies all 3 doshas (vata, pitta, and kapha) of the body
  • Soothes Pachan/digestion by clearing excess pitta. Preventing digestive issues like acidity and gastritis
  • Formation of Ojas- contribution to immunity and youthfulness
  • Works on the Majja Dhatu- boosts memory.
  • Increases the blood hemoglobin levels.
  • Improves vision, hair, and skin health.
  • 1-2 teaspoons of Amlakand/Moravala can be consumed once or twice a day.
  • It is recommended by experts to consume this amla food product in the morning on an empty stomach for best results.



Emblica officinalis

Rasayan Pittashamak - Rich source of vitamins A, B, C,  Iron, and Calcium


Zingiber officinale

Pachan - Rich source of sodium, potassium, vitamin C and D


Syzygium aromaticum

Deepan - Rich source of vitamin K, E, Omega-3, and minerals

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Each 10g contains Amla 4.22g, Organic Jaggery 5.00g, Ginger 0.73 g, Lavang- 0.05g

  • Amala (Gooseberries)
    Emblica officinalis
    Rasayan Pittashamak - Rich source of vitamins A, B, C, Iron, and Calcium.
  • Lavang (Cloves)
    Syzygium aromaticum
    Deepan - Rich source of vitamin K, E, Omega-3, and minerals.
  • Adrak (Ginger)
    Zingiber officinale
    Pachan - Rich source of sodium, potassium, vitamin C and D.
  • Gud (Jaggery)
    Saccharum officinarum
    Saarak, balya - Rich in Iron, minerals, and vitamin B.

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What's more to know ?

Q. Is it ok to eat Amla Murabba everyday?
A. Yes, this Amla Murabba can be consumed everyday. There is absolutely no harm in consuming 5-10 g, twice or thrice a day.

Q. Is this Amla Murabba good digestion?
A. Yes, all the ingredients used in this amla food product help prevent digestion issues.

Q. Is Amla Muravala a good source of energy?
A. Yes, regular consumption of this Amla Muravala can make one feel more energetic. It contains jaggery which is loaded with minerals, fibers, and carbohydrates, acting as an instant source of energy.

Q. Are there any artificial sweeteners used in making this Amla Moravala?
A. No, this Amla Moravala does not contain any artificial sweetener. Instead, it has jaggery which is not only a natural sweetener but also it is superior to refined sugar in terms of nutrition.

Additional Information

BAR CODE - 8906033583119



BEST BEFORE - 1 Years from date of manufacturing

NET WEIGHT - 250gm

Note: The color of this product may differ from the one shown on the package due to the change in batch as all ingredients used are 100% natural. Though all ingredients have health benefits, in no way do we assume and suggest replacing them with the medicines prescribed by your health care provider for a particular health condition. Also, we highly recommend seeking advice from a medical practitioner before commencing the use of any product.

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